Regardless of whether you're new to pool ownership, a seasoned pro or somewhere in the middle, one thing that remains unquestioned is the need for weekly maintenance of your swimming pool.  From residential pools and apartment complexes, to community centers and country clubs, the professionals at My Pool Guys make it easy and affordable to keep your pool clean, clear and chemically safe.

  • Over 30 years of professional Rochester pool maintenance
  • Deep cleaning of pool liners, filters, pumps and key components
  • Custom pool maintenance & cleaning packages
  • Proudly offering both commercial and residential pool service
  • Fully licensed, insured and always respectful of your home or property

Rochester's Best Pool Cleaning &  Maintenance Service

By focusing all of our efforts on weekly pool maintenance, we're free of many of the distractions and headaches that routinely plague those who also do pool installs and repairs.  Before you call a company whose services are spread a bit too thin for your liking, see the difference a dedicated pool maintenance company can offer.

  • Pool Opening-Remove & Clean winter cover-Install ladders & Diving Board
  • Connect & Test Pump, Filter, Heater and Chemical Feeder
  • Add Start up Shock & Algaecide Chemicals
  • Power Wash Decking
  • Pool Closing
  • Clean Pool & Lower water level
  • Remove ladders & Diving Board
  • Winterize Pump, Filter, Heater and Chemical Feeder
  • Remove water out of pumping lines & cap returns
  • Add Winter Chemicals
  • Install Winter Cover
  • Weekly Maintenance-Vacuum Pool
  • Brush Walls, Tile and Steps-Skim/Net pool surface
  • Maintaining Pool Circulation
  • Clean Pool Skimmer & Pump Baskets
  • Check operation of Pump, Filter and Heater
  • Backwashing Pool Filter DE and Sand
  • Weekly Balancing Pool Water and Pool Chemistry
  • Test Pool water
  • Adding Pool Chemicals balancing water
  • All maintenance chemicals included
  • All sanitation chemicals included.

For more information or a free quote on weekly Rochester NY pool maintenance cleaning services, call My Pool Guys at 585-247-5220 or send us an e-mail with any questions you may have.

Notes about Weekly Pool Service:

  • Pool Guys Weekly Pool Service rates vary from area to area and depend on the size of the pool, trees and shrubs, and other additional features that a pool might have.
  • Pool Guys requires that all pools must have equipment that is in proper working order with good water circulation and adjustable chemical feeders.

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